Stock Footage Low Cost: Where to Find It?

Are you looking for the stock footage low cost? There are a number of stock sites out there that offer cheap stock videos. All boasts high quality content and great user interface. If you are looking for the lowest priced videos in the market, stay tuned to find out what it is.

How much does stock footage cost? The price of stock footage varies depending on the company and the resolution. Some stock agencies also offer video packs, which provide you with loads of savings that buying a single clip.

Where can you find these fabulous clips? Depositphotos.

Depositphotos is an established microstock agency. It has been in the industry for decades, providing the creative community with great content and convenient licensing terms. Its professional approach to business and great deals also make them a reliable choice as your primary stock footage source.

Depositphotos price their stock footage based on resolution. It offers lots of options for a very cheap price.


  • SD 240p: $19
  • SD 480p: $39
  • HD 720p: $59
  • HD 1080p: $69
  • 4K: $169

If you need several videos for your creative project, you can also purchase them in packs at the website for a discounted price. Volume prices are based on the number of videos in a pack and resolution. For a 25-video pack, you can get a clip for as low as:

  • SD 240p: $12.76
  • SD 480p: $25.96
  • HD 720p: $45.96
  • HD 1080p: $55.96
  • 4K: $139.96

Depositphotos is a great choice if you need many video clips. While the cost of single clips are cheap, it gives you a much better deal for volume purchases. You can also save more money when you use a Depositphotos coupon.

What are you waiting for? Jumpstart your creative projects with high quality content at the very low prices at Depositphotos. Grab your coupon here and enjoy loads of savings!



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