Creative and Editorial Videos from Corbis Stock Footage


Are you looking for creative and editorial videos? Corbis stock footage has one of the most comprehensive video collections in the market. Every day, over 30,000 hours of contemporary and archival films are added to the stock media site’s library of high quality moving images. Corporate communication professionals, advertisers, and feature film producers all turn to Corbis Motion for footage that will bring impact to their creative projects.

Corbis Stock Footage offers premium creative videos for every creative project. Whether you are looking for High Definition or 4K videos, you can get it here. The stock media site also offers current and archival videos for editorial purposes. Stock footages of newsmakers, events and celebrities are available in the collection for your blog or webpage. All the latest news and archival events around the globe can be found in the library.

Corbis also has some featured collections from its image partners.

  • BBC Motion. BBC Motion is one of the stock media site’s image partners. It has over millions of hours of unique footage in the collection. Culture, History, Sport, News and more are waiting to be explored.
  • NHK Video. Looking for NHK videos? Corbis stock footage has them too. The stock media site has over 10,000 videos from NHK perfect for your Asian political, economic, cultural affairs and historical subjects.
  • Bloomberg. Are you looking for stock footage of the world’s most important stories in politics, business, finance and more? You can get it from Bloomberg. Corbis features a premium collection of Bloomberg footages. Explore them to complete your projects.
  • National Geographic. National Geographic has a rich history of authenticity, storytelling, spirit of adventure, and global vision. Corbis stock footage gives you the opportunity to tap into this collection.

getty-and-corbisHowever, all these premium Corbis stock footage cannot be accessed from their website anymore. Since May 2, 2016, the stock media site has been acquired by Visual China Group (VCG), which has a partnership with Getty Images. Thus, most of the significant collections of Corbis is now available at Getty. Members and non-members of the stock site can now continue and create new agreement with Getty for premium content.

Is this good news?

Is the merging good news? It is great news! Getty Images has just offered a new way to purchase stock content with simplified pricing and built-in savings. Aside from the combination of premium content from two of the best stock media places in the industry, you can now purchase the best of both worlds at a lower rate with Ultrapacks. Access more stunning content with expert insights and global service all in one place now.

If you have exiting agreements with Corbis stock footage, you can contact representatives from Getty Images to learn more about your options.