A driver that became a photographer / videographer. The owner of this blog is a famous individual in filming industry, not just because of his video works but also because of his previous work. Being a driver is a very good job that you will travel from different places to another places and it came to a point that imagination has become to a video movie. This is the history of this blog. Now he is focusing of producing many stock videos and stock footage for everyone that he can share it to you guys. You can share the videos that he has on this blog and yes you can use it for your projects or reports. Send him a message using the contact form on this link to ask his permission that you will be using his videos in your own project.

He truly believed that he can build a better network in the filming industry, so he encourages to give credits to him on your videos. Again, we believe that sharing is caring, share it to everyone but leave credits on it. Thank you and looking forward for more videos.